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Wall Street Journal Online Book Review- Staying True

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In Her Book “Staying True,” Jenny Sanford Dishes with Dignity

If revenge is a dish best measured in book sales, Jenny Sanford will be dining well: just days after publication, “Staying True,” her memoir of love and betrayal in the South Carolina Governor’s mansion, is a bestseller. But at a luncheon hosted by More magazine today, Sanford firmly downplayed any notion of getting even, speaking of her straying ex-spouse with almost superhuman courtesy and kindness.

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  • angie

    I have followed your story since it first came out of your husband’s mouth last year and from the beginning I was impressed by your obvious intelligence and your speaking out and making yourself heard. I can’t imagine how any intelligent man or woman could just stand there like a mute when their life is turned upside down. Good for you for standing up for yourself and having your say. Only victims keep quiet. I’m sure it was a difficult decision to leave but what an example for us all to see someone actually say that what he did was wrong and you are leaving and it is his fault and not yours. You deserve applause for your strength and courage.

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