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New York Times Book Review- Staying True

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Facing Scandal, Keeping Faith

“Here’s a sign of the times: when Jenny Sanford sat down to tell her young sons that their father, Gov. Mark Sanford of South Carolina, was having an affair, one of them reacted in an unusually worldly way.

“Oh my gosh,” exclaimed 13-year-old Bolton Sanford. “This is going to be worse than Eliot Spitzer.”

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  • RaynaRenee

    Well, she is also a very smart lady, and removed herself from the ahuse. May she never go back, as he will not change. Once they have crossed over the boundaries, it is much easier to do again and again. I know, I stayed through too many affairs with my ex as he always appeared to apologize, but really did not mean it.
    I pray that she stays true to God, and is not deceived by some immoral man or return for a second try, as it will not work.

    I enjoyed the article in your paper, and may women learn from her brave example to escape abuse, and not put up with it.

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